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  low price High Performance 3phase Inverter
Posted by: fhsjnmyh23 - 19.02.2020, 06:47 - Forum: Fragen & Antworten - No Replies

Our History
Anyhertz, whose predecessor is Shenzhen Firstech Co.,Ltd., was established in 2005, is committed to be the globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation. It has always been dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and marketing of AC drive products. In the year of 2011, a team of influential experts in the industry joined in the company. And the company entered into a new period of rapid development with its new name, Anyhertz Drive (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
Anyhertz is located in the heart of Shenzhen, occupying an area of 5000 square meters. Currently, the company have more than one hundred staff, including 50 professional technical persons and most of them came from well-known enterprises in the industry.
Our Factory
Anyhertz is   located in the heart of Shenzhen, occupying an area of 5000 square meters. Currently, the company have more than one hundred staff, including 50 professional technical persons and most of them came from well-known enterprises in the industry.
So far, Anyhertz products include VF control inverter (FST-650 ), sensor-less vector control   inverter(FST-610), closed loop flux vector inverters (FST-800), and economic and compact inverter (FST-500), medium voltage inverters (FST-700,660V-690V), and four-quadrant reversible inverter(FST-900), which are widely applied to textile, printing, plastics, pharmacy, cable, crane, extruder, refrigerator, ball mill, water supply, civil engineering, mining, petrochemical and HVAC etc. By virtue of the most advanced designing concept and technology Anyhertz has constantly perfected the performance of the products. Meanwhile, we are strictly operating in accordance with ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. All of products have won CCC and CE approval.
Having a fully developed marketing network at home, we have branch offices in Southern China, Eastern China, Northern China, North-East China and South- West china to provide sound sales and after-sales service. Furthermore, via trading company, our products have been shipping to overseas in over 10 countries and regions, such as Russia, Pakistan, India and south-east Asia, et. In January of 2012, we have launched Overseas Sales Department and started the marketing directly in oversea market.
Our Product
FST-630 Series Mini Vector Control inverter
FST-610 Series General Purpose Vector Control Inverter
FST-650 Series General-purpose Open Loop Vector Inverter
FST-800 Series Close Loop Vector Inverters
Product Application
Converyor, Pump, Fan Machine tools, Textile machinery, Packaging machinery, Food Processing machinery, Rubber  Plastic Machinery, HVAC, Lift/Elevator, Mining machine,
Our Certificate
CE standard ,ISO9001,
Production Equipment
Automatic testing equipment, Assembly Line
Our service
Vision: to provide the industry's best service
Location: Based on the market - the spreader of technology value [maximize the company's products or systems application technology and performance, corresponding to the actual usage needs of customers]
Based on the company - the propeller of product improvement [ feedback the product market performance information to the company's technical resources sector, to promote the improvement of product quality and design quality, improving customers' product satisfaction]
Object: to provide customers with convenient, valued, secure, professional, considerate and trustworthy service
After service:
24-hour hotline opened, fax, email, QQ, network phone and other channels to accept customer issues, first staff responsible for complain following
respond to customers within 1 hour , offer problem-solving solutions and plans in customers'presence;
Outlets and warranty center all over the domestic provinces and cities, quickly reach the customer site within 24 hours, fast service security;
1, quickly solve on-site problems, professional customer response, rigorous processing procedure;
2, train customers with product maintenance, maintenance and operationa knowledge;
visit customers within 72 hours, caring customers' experience, ensure the normal usage of products;
issue professional analysis report of products issues, prevent the scene hidden dangers, and provide security services;
Our teamlow price High Performance 3phase Inverter

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  High Quality Self-drilling Screw
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 04:04 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Our History
Our factory was established in early 2005,we mainly produce stainless steel screws, nuts, and rivets. We have a team of industry specialists and have more than 15 years of production experience.
Our Quality
We strictly follow the disciplines of ISO9001 quality management system standard in order to make sure the quality you buy is the quality you want.
Technical Technology
Beside typical machineries and molds for fastener production, we keep a wide range of special machines that were homemade for special use; we also have a workshop of mold researching and production which provide us with superior manufacturing ability on non-standards.
We stock more than 3000 tons of stainless steel fasteners which cover more than 5000 items for you to choose from, which means there will be a shorter delivery time for your order.
Our specialized team is always there for you to solve the problems you have on technical, proper using and so on.
Product Industry
We have gained plenty experience in railway, building and curtain wall, solar mounting, valves and fluid system, telecom, ship building and marine, food and medical machinery industries. There are always some special industry problems about using of fasteners that different industries will have to tackle, and we are good at this.
Our Product
We produce screws and rivets of various materials like iron, copper, stainless steel, etc. And other non-standard fasteners products.High Quality Self-drilling Screw

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  Cummins Fuel System factory
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 04:03 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Diesel Fuel Lines For Cummins Diesel Engines Diesel Engine Parts Manufacturers
Part No.Part NamePart No.Part Name
A39603564BT Fuel PipeC4995287DCEC Fuel Pipe
A39603814BT Fuel PipeC4995288DCEC Fuel Pipe
C49344704BT Fuel PipeC4995957DCEC Fuel Pipe
C39797474BT Fuel PipeC5257221DCEC Fuel Pipe
C3979750Cummins 4BTC5257222DCEC Fuel Pipe
C4982695Cummins 4BTC5262113DCEC Fuel Pipe
C4983775Cummins 4BTC5262114DCEC Fuel Pipe
C49297796BT Fuel PipeC5267643DCEC Fuel Pipe
C49310296BT Fuel PipeC5284026DCEC Fuel Pipe
A39044416BT Fuel PipeC5288695DCEC Fuel Pipe
A39164166BT Fuel PipeC5288697DCEC Fuel Pipe
C3960650Cummins 6BTC5288732DCEC Fuel Pipe
C3960651Cummins 6BTC5288734DCEC Fuel Pipe
C4931029Cummins 6BTD2830621Cummins Fuel Pipe
A39608676BT Fuel PipeD2831356Cummins Fuel Pipe
C49297796BT Fuel PipeD3924421Cummins Fuel Pipe
A39078106BT Fuel PipeD3964141Cummins Fuel Pipe
A39094396BT Fuel PipeD3964142Cummins Fuel Pipe
C34154146CT Fuel PipeD3964143Cummins Fuel Pipe
C39669966CT Fuel PipeD3964144Cummins Fuel Pipe
C39253246CT Fuel PipeD3965964Cummins Fuel Pipe
C34156396CT Fuel PipeD3968346Cummins Fuel Pipe
C39734586CT Fuel PipeD3975042Cummins Fuel Pipe
39244216CT Fuel PipeD3978031Cummins Fuel Pipe
C39764336LT Fuel PipeD3978032Cummins Fuel Pipe
C39764346LT Fuel PipeD3978034Cummins Fuel Pipe
2830621ISBe Fuel PipeD3978036Cummins Fuel Pipe
2831356ISBe Fuel PipeD3978244Cummins Fuel Pipe
3965964ISBe Fuel PipeL00148Cummins Fuel Pipe
3968346ISBe Fuel PipeL00149Cummins Fuel Pipe
D4899320ISBe Fuel PipeL00191Cummins Fuel Pipe
D4899337ISDe Fuel PipeL00192Cummins Fuel Pipe
3978031ISDe Fuel PipeL00289Cummins Fuel Pipe
3978032ISDe Fuel PipeL00290Cummins Fuel Pipe
3978034ISDe Fuel PipeL00303Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
3978036ISDe Fuel PipeL00304Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
3978244ISDe Fuel PipeL00342Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
4935974ISDe Fuel PipeL00343Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
4935976ISDe Fuel PipeL00356Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
4935981ISDe Fuel PipeL00528Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
4935982ISDe Fuel PipeL00529Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
4948017ISDe Fuel PipeZ3900003Fuel Pipe Cummins Parts
D5254484ISDe Fuel PipeZ3900023Fuel Pipe Cummins PartsCummins Fuel System factory

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  low price Etched Copper Alloy
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 04:02 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Features: We have long and mature experience in working with etching extremely fine products. The chip carrier of the integrated circuit acts as an electrical connection between the lead terminal of the chip and the outer lead. Such connection is a key structural component of the electrical circuit.
Material: Copper Alloys
Dimensional Tolerance: For metal sheets with a thickness of above 0.05 mm, the dimensional tolerance is generally about ±10% of the thickness of the material. For materials with a thickness of 0.05mm or less, the dimensional tolerances can be controlled within ±8 micrometers.
Thickness: 0.05mm~0.3mm
Main Applications: Chip carriers for integrated circuits in the electronic information industry, LED, and Semiconductor industry.
Production Machineries: A full set of Etching Equipment DES line, High-Precision Exposure Machine, Clean Room with Temperature and Humidity Control, Nikon Automatic Image Measuring Instrument, Optimal Comparator.
Quality Inspection Instruments: Mitutoyo Tooling Microscope, Optimal Comparator, Metallurgical Microscope, Nikon CNC Automatic Image Measuring Instrument
Delivery Method: With safe, professional, and environmentally friendly packaging methods, we are partnered with renowned express delivery companies such as SF, DHL, FedEx, and etc. to ensure customer satisfaction.
Customer Service: If for any reason customers are not 100% satisfied with the etching product quality, our company is committed to provide process support through our in-house experts within twelve hours. When necessary, we also offer on-site support.low price Etched Copper Alloy

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  China Medical Product Mould factory
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 04:01 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Precise 2K mould
Jei Mei Mould has been devoting on design & manufacture of Precise 2K mould for 15 years. We have accumulated rich experience on design & mould making.
For two-color die products with high machining accuracy, a pair of dies is usually composed of concave die, punch die and die base, and some may be multiple modules. The assembly between modules has high machining accuracy requirements, and the dimensional accuracy of some precision die products can often reach 渭 m level.
The two-color die is suitable for the product with complex shape and surface, and the surface of its shape is composed of many kinds of surfaces, so the cavity surface of the die is very complex. Some surfaces must be dealt with by mathematical calculation. It is also suitable for the production mode of small batch. The production of two-color mould is not mass production in batches, and in many cases only one payment is often produced.
Jie Mei mold has been devoted to the design and manufacture of automobile plastic parts in the past 15 years, and has accumulated rich design and production experience in the automobile heat dissipation system mold, automobile seat system mold, automobile air conditioning system mold, and the like. We have a professional product review team to model and analyze the products designed by the customer, and put forward that the product design needs to modify the optimization scheme to ensure the feasibility of the mold of the customer's products. The cost is increased for customers to shorten the development cycle of the die and reduce the change caused by design defects.
The amount of expansion and contraction of plastic materials in the molding process is related to the thermal expansion coefficient of the processed plastic, which is called "molding shrinkage".With the cooling and shrinkage of the molding parts, the molding parts lose close contact with the cooling surface of the mold cavity, and then the cooling efficiency decreases. After the molding parts continue to cool, the molding parts keep shrinking, and the amount of shrinkage depends on the comprehensive effect of various factors.Fastest Angle on the molding parts, cooling, earlier than other parts hardening, close to molding the thick part of the center piece of furthest away from the cavity surface cooling, and be molding pieces of the last part of the heat, the corners of the material after curing, as close to the center of the melt cooling parts, mold parts will continue to shrink, the Angle between the plane gets only one cooling, the strength of material of high strength no sharp corners.The cooling shrinkage of the plastic material at the center of the piece pulls in the relatively weak surface between the partially cooled and the sharply cooled corners.This creates a dent in the surface of the molded part.The presence of indentation indicates that the molding shrinkage here is higher than that of the surrounding area.If the shrinkage of the molded part is higher in one place than in another, the cause of warping of the molded part.
Dear customer, this page shows the Precise 2K should we developed based on the customer's needs. In order to better serve your business, our sales technician is willing to communicate with your company personnel in-depth. Please send us your request and contact information. We will evaluate your needs and make relevant analysis report, and whether the product is feasible. And the related cost and delivery period of the product development to better meet the requirements of your company.China Medical Product Mould factory

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  حلويات جيلي بالفواكه المختلطة للأطفال عينات مجانية
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 03:58 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

تأسست شركةلي تاي كين لونغللأغذية بمدينة نانتونغ ذ.م.م في مايو 2009 ، وتقع في حي تيانشينغقانغ ، منطقة جانجزا ، مدينة نانتونغ، ميناء نانتونغ هي واحدة من موانئ التصدير الرئيسية لمقاطعة جيانغسو ، وتقع في جنوب شرق الصين. تعتبر ميناء نانتونغ أحد الموانئ المفتوحة من الدرجة الأولى الوطنية وميناء التصدير الرئيسي في مركز شنغهاي الدولي للشحن. لديه ميزة جيدة ويوفر لنا أفضل وأسهل طريقة التصدير.
شركتنا هي مؤسسة رأسمال تايوان ، يمكننا استيراد وتصدير البضائع بالحرية. نملك خط إنتاج هلام القياسي وآلات التعبئة والتغليف المتقدمة التلقائية ومعدات إنتاج جميع أنواع من علب التعبئة والتغليف البلاستيكية PETوكلها تعتمد على أحدث آلات الحقن والصب وآلات الضربة والصب. في نفس الوقت نستطيع أن نعمل وكيل تصدير المواد الغذئية ومواد التعيئةوالتغليف للمعدات المعنية.أساسا على فريق التصميم بالدرجة الأولى لدينانطور منتجات جديدة مناسبة للأسواق سنويا.
لدينا سلسلة من منتجات هلام مثل الهلام المصغر ، و الهلام العصي ، هلام بالأحجام المختلفة وهلام العصيروالعلب البلاستيكية مثل علب مستديرةوعلب
البطريق والعلب الصغيرة وعلب الأطفال ومالخلدينا أنواع مختلفة من المنتجات لتلبية الاحتياجات الخاصة بك.
أسواقنا وصلت الآن إلى أمريكا الوسطى والجنوبية والشمالية وبلدان آسيا ، مثل المكسيك وكولومبيا وبوليفيا وروسيا وبنما وكوستاريكا وغيرها.ننفذ نموذج إدارة الجودة لتلبية احتياجات الزبائن والأسواقعلى اتجاه صناعة الأغذية. لدينا الموظفين المدربين المؤهلين من أجل ضمان جودة وسلامة الأغذية.
ترميأهدافنا الى تطوير سلسلة جديدة من منتجات هلام من أجل استكشاف مزيد من الأسواق ومزيد من المنتجات الجديدة لتناسب أسواقك الخاص. من أجل خدمة كل الزبائن بإخلاص لكل الزبائن تم تحسين الإنتاج والمبيعات وخدمة ما بعد البيع باستمرار.لذيذ ، آمنة وآمنة ، وتلبية زبائننا ، توقظ هطول براعم الذوق ، وتوفير طعم الحياة الصامتة.نأمل أن نتعاون معكم في المستقبل القريب.حلويات جيلي بالفواكه المختلطة للأطفال عينات مجانية

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  Roland XC RS VP SP Wiper Scraper price
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 03:57 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Jimei Digital Equipment Co., ltd is specialized in supplying complete spare parts for MIMAKI, ROLAND, MUTOH, EPSON and Chinese Solvent and UV printers! Including printer head, main board, damper, capping station, Scan motor, pump, cables, bulk system, ink chip etc.
We also supply technical support service of MIMAKI JV300/JV150 /JV33/TS3/CJV30/JV3 printers and MIMAKI Series printer boards repair service!Roland XC RS VP SP Wiper Scraper price

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  Aseptic Cartons price
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 03:54 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Introduction of Aseptic Juice Packaging Materials
Aseptic juice Packaging Material include: Paper, Aluminum , PE, with 6 layers.
Aseptic brick Packaging: 125ml(S), 200ml( B,S,M), 250ml (B,S), 500ml (B), 1000ml (B,S,Sq), 1500ml (S)
Aseptic Pillow Packaging: 200ml,250ml,500ml.
Volume range: 200ml, 150ml Triangle package.
Packing detailes with shrink film and loaded with wooden trays.  
125ml(slim) 2,400,000 pcs
200ml(slim) 1,760,000 pcs
250ml(slim) 1,300,000 pcs
250ml(base) 1,530,000 pcs
1000ml(slim) 420,000 pcs
1000ml(base) 480,000 pcs
The shelf life can reach to 6 - 12 months.Aseptic Cartons price

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  Tool Backpack On Wheels manufacturers
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 03:53 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Our History  
★ Year 2003, The factory established, named Xinglong, Business: blister & packaging.
★ Year 2006, Changing name to YILONG, starting tool bag manufacturing.  
★ Year 2006-2014, expanding tool bag business, main customer: Great Star
★ Year 2014, registering IRONLAND brand, establishing IRONLAND tool bag assortment, starting self-exporting.
★ Year 2015, For the concept "work gear", starting exploring safety goods industry including gloves, rain coats, etc.
★ Year 2016-2017, We did OEM for many famous brands over the world and started selling IRONLAND brand goods in Amazon US and EU with great feedback.
★ Year 2019, We are ready to cooperate with you!
Our Factory  
At Ironland, we see ourselves as a professional work gear provider with a full range of quality products. We are committed to the development of versatile work gear designed for different fields, including tool bags and safety goods.
In the past 10 years, we have accumulated valuable experience in tool bag industry and developed our oversea business. Our products have been exported to most countries of North America, Europe and Oceania. Our aim is to ensure the broad masses of customers and consumers to buy the high quality products at the same time enjoy the pleasant experience with our communication.

Our Product  
Tool bag, Tool backpack, Tool pouch, Tool belt, etc.
Product Application  
Bags for storing hand tools and power tools at work, It helps electrician, technician, plumber, carpenter, repairman, gardener etc. complete work faster, better, safer and more conveniently.
Our Certificate  
Alibaba Trade Assurance, Key Account Supplier, Golden Supplier.
AZO test, ISO9001, China credit example certificate. 
Production Market  
North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, East Asia, etc.
Annual sales of $8 million
Our Service  
1: 15-year experience making IRONLAND leading in work gear industry.
2: Qualified fabrics meeting different standard over the world.
3: Excellent production craftsmanship providing best products for our clients.
4: Professional technic team finalizing great customization according to client's requirement.
5: Original design product assortment making our clients more competitive.
6: The most instant response provided by IRONLAND professional sales team.
7: Product quality assurance for 1 year. Tool Backpack On Wheels manufacturers

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  China Electric Actuator
Posted by: jalsedar - 17.02.2020, 03:51 - Forum: Missionstermine - No Replies

Performance Data of IQ Linear-turn Single Phase Modulating Type Actuator
ModelRated Load (N)Revolving Speed (rpm)Linear Speed (mm/s)Rated Travel (mm)Voltage(V)Phase (Ph)Frequency (Hz)Power (KW)Rated Current (A)Duty
Performance Data of IQ Linear-turn Single Phase Modulating Type Actuator
ModelRated Load (N)Revolving Speed (rpm)Linear Speed (mm/s)Rated Travel (mm)Voltage(V)Phase (Ph)Frequency (Hz)Power (KW)Rated Current (A)Duty
IQ+VE Structural Dimensions of Actuators
ModelRated Load
(N)Rated Travel
(Mm)Rated Speed
(mm/s)Valve Rod  Connection Hole
FConnect Flange D1Flange Inner Hole
D2Flange Hole
D3Valve flange
IQ18+VE64/1625K(F)NP2516M12 x1.25Φ105Φ80D114-Φ11Φ140726.5446121
IQ18+VE64/1660K(F)NP6016M16 x1.5Φ118Φ95D11Φ150768.5488108
IQ18+VE160/1625K(F)NP160002516M20 x15Φ135Φ100D116-Φ18Φ165845.5565209
IQ18+VE160/1600K(F)NP10016886.5606134China Electric Actuator

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